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About Valoro

Simple to use user interface to give business meaning to your Blockchain network. Design Asset and Form Structures.
See how Valoro can help grow your business using AI and blockhain

Features of Valoro

You only need to focus on your business industry. You can select between deployment in several platforms like Hyperldger fabric, ethereum, R3 corda, and deploy your application. You do not have to worry about the infrastructure layer as Valoro integrate with several cloud vendors.

With simple to use GUI, you do not need to write any code to deploy your blockchain application, you can select between several themes and predefined smart contracts. To deploy in couple of clicks.

As we believe in open source community, Valoro offer a marketplace for plugins to open integration with several platforms. Currently, we are working on a How-to video series for how to develop a plugin on Valoro.

How it works


it will self-generate a smart contract with application logic, a testing user interface and exposed APIs ready to use..

1. Add application details

Easy to use user interface for developers, and add blockchain application details, and blockchain paltform.


2. Check valoro marketplace

Several plugins, ready to use smart contracts, and themes are developed by Valoro community to integrate with other systems using Valoro APIs


3. Deploy your application

Deploy your application in several cloud vendors, and define where you want to store blockchain data.


Our Apps



Enable end-to-end supply chain tractability


regulating the process of patient data


Decentralize our daily financial operations


Track the components to access and supply IOT data

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Valoro:The wordpress of Blockchain

Since the dawn of time man has learned that everything around him is of certain value, giving birth to ownership and since no one was able to own everything, a form of trade has risen. The concept of money was still non-existent so societies, intrinsically, traded goods with each other……

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