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Welcome to the future
of Crowdfund

Blockchain Benefits

crowdFund aims to raise funds for charities and individuals with a high level of transparency, privacy, and authenticity by implementing blockchain technology


Zero fees transactions

CrowdFund issues  coin through which users can donate or create fundraising campaigns with zero fees.


Real Time Transfers

Transfer tokens to employees, co-founders and investors instantly and frictionlessly. Automate the issuance, distribution and management of tokens, whenever & wherever you like!


publicly auditable funds

Finances are publicly audited due to blockchain nature, ensuring charities remain accountable.


Donor Anonymity

As a donor, you only need to make a donation from your account without asking for proof of identity.



Each user has a wallet and a token


Removing barriers

Users can send their donations from anywhere around the world, at any time, with any amount, without censorship.

USE CASE 3: Crowd Fund

with Blockchain

with Blockchain


Charities are currently suffering from Transaction fees and Wasting money on advertising and wages. After the suffering from previous challenges and many more. Yallagive is providing the solution by offering a smart contract-based platform governed by Blockchain, a disruptive technology to provide the most impactful support to the people and communities they help.

Registration by Campaign owner

campaign owner register through KYC  (know your customer) process to publish it’s information

validation by admin

preview document content of comping owner to check it’s validity then approve the request to join the system

production of wallet and token

providing comping owner with a wallet which enables them to accept tokens from donors

user donation

providing user with the ability to view different comings and determining how to donate through various ways

exchange tokens through the platform

providing user the ability to create his own tokens and exchange it through exchange platform

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