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Blockchain Benefits

Blockchains technology aims  to remote real estate transaction  with high level of trust, transparency, communication and easy to use

paper work​

Blockchain allows elimination of the need for redundant and expensive paperwork as well as  the need for numerous signatures

Faster Transaction

Blockchain makes it possible to create and authenticate contracts in real-time, across the world and without intervention from intermediaries

Fraud mitigation

all the deals are executed via smart contracts, which contains terms rooted in the transaction so that payment can only be taken as long as the contractual terms are met.

simple deal processing

blockchain will lead to a simplified administrative process and reduced processing time by eliminating the need to double check and verify the information about one single client by multiple institutions

Cashflow management

smart contracts are used to create dynamic tenancy agreements. which means that  information around the state of the property is agreed up on and signed digitally. and the payment of the lease and eventual return of the deposit and payments is executed automatically via the smart contract

lease agreements

the traditional lease with  all  its intricacies can be replaced by a transparent and automated smart tenancy contract which automatically records the payments and service transactionson a regular basis without any need for human intervention.



Real Estate is a huge market with the estimated value of $217 trillion. Traditionally seen as high-paying and the most stable type of investment, the market allows plenty of opportunities for making big gains.The blockchain implementation seems to bring innovative solutions across businesses and is promising to help soothe numerous pains of the real estate. We ourselves are strong believers that the blockchain is set to streamline the global real estate industry in many ways. And the mass adoption of new technology will only move the real estate market to the next level.

property selling offer

seller brings in his digital property info including marketing material, legal title, management information, utilities, design & construction, infrastructure, physical and environment condition 

publishing property information

property desired information  is transferred to the digital dashboard


interested buyers and agents investigate the available information

start of deal transaction

blockchain send trigger to ease  this deal and setup escrow among buyer and seller or direct agreement among buyer and seller 

final agreement

signing smart contract among buyer and seller  such that the ownership is transferred to the buyer and the money is transferred to the seller

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